Pusan 1997

  • Hai Leong Toh


SOME OBSERVATIONS OF ASIAN FILMS IN THE 2nd PUSAN INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL The 1997 Pusan International Film Festival (PIFF) witnessed a deluge of films -- new and old Korean films, Asian and international films, independent films, documentaries, and animations. Equally impressive was the response from the home crowd which appeared to have an insatiable appetite for internationally acclaimed films and young, famous Korean directors. (According to official records, the first PIFF attracted 200,000 people, this year, it seemed to be even more.) The 1997 festival opened with Wayne Wang's Chinese Box and closed with Ann Hui's Eighteen Springs at the 4,200-seats Pusan Yachting Centre Outdoor Theatre which also happens to be Asia's largest outdoor screen equipped with a digital sound system. Situated in Haeundae, Pusan's well-known beach resort, it was also where popular Hollywood fare such as G.l. Jane, One Night Stand, Bean, and crowd-pleasing Asian films like Opium...