Solothurn 2000

  • Andrzej Gwóźdź


35th SOLOTHURNER FILMTAGE 2000: US AND THEM Another season of penance has arrived for the Swiss cinema. After the attempts at recuperating from the myth of Wilhelm Tell on the 700th anniversary of establishing The Swiss Confederation, after the voiced reluctance towards joining the EU and the complex of having Jewish gold in national banks, the time is ripe for the resolution of probably the most difficult moral dilemma which has been unsettling the country's hearts and minds for quite some time. At stake is the matter of the sealing of the border during WWII against Jewish (albeit not only Jewish) refugees from the occupied Europe, for whom Switzerland could have become the last safe haven. The slogan 'The boat is full', taken from the title of Markus Imhoof's film, popular some 20 years ago, has become a kind of a pang of conscience for the whole nation and...