Solothurn 2001

  • Andrzej Gwóźdź


SOLOTHURN: NEAR DAVOS As the red-hot television and press were condemning the authorities' decision to enclose the World Economic Forum in a police ghetto and Zurich was lit by burning cars, Mathias Knauer was throwing curses upon the "global fascist market" and was sending the "holy market" of capitalism to hell. It seemed as though the Davos syndrome was spreading over the XXXVI Solurian Film Days. This is all connected with the documentary Bitterfeld, 1992, through which Knauer (born in 1942) invokes the nostalgia for the GDR prosperity of the East Germany's largest chemical plant confronted with the "new colonial economy" of the Federal Republic. Although initially slightly confused, the audience wants to believe the author's manifesto in the "possibility of a different from the capitalist) world" and rewards the movie with roaring applause. Knauer devised a state-of-the-art piece of propaganda -- by juxtaposing the glorious moments of the...