Film and the Digital

  • Rod Stoneman


RECYCLED ELECTRONS: FILM AND THE DIGITAL I - Algebra in CorkTo begin with a digression from digital history, which is a short history - the prehistory to the development of the digital world that we now inhabit is rarely in focus. It was a 19th century Irish mathematician, George Boole, who created a novel mathematical logic, describing a new algebra which sketched the structure of choice and created a paradigm for human, and now electronic, decision making. He wrote The Mathematical Analysis of Logic in 1847 and The Investigation of the Laws of Thought in 1854. He lived, thought and is buried in Cork. His work showed chains of information and choice categorised into the two logic states of true or false: "Shall I go out and not stay in? Is it raining or has it stopped? If I go out and it's raining should I wear this...