Special issue: ICEA Public Policy Lesson conference, part of the After the Pandemic Conference Series


  • Jerzy (Jurek) Konieczny Wilfrid Laurier University and ICEA


Public Policy Lessons, After the Pandemic


The Covid-19 Pandemic has been a singular event that affected health, economic situation and social cohesion around the world.

The International Centre for Economic Analysis (ICEA), has organized the After the Pandemic Conference Series. The conferences in the series are devoted to analyzing various aspects of the pandemic and their long-term consequences. Conference participants were offered the opportunity to submit their papers to the Review of Economic Analysis, which is the official journal of the ICEA.

The papers in this special issue (or their earlier versions) were presented at the Public Policy Lessons Conference, the third conference in the series, which was held online Nov 12-13, 2021. The program of the conference can be found here.

The list of conferences, and details, is on the ICEA website, https://ICEAnet.org.






Public Policy Lessons conference - special issue