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Integrating Multispectral Hemodynamic Imaging for Bulk Tissue Oxygenation Analysis


Tissue perfusion and oxygenation are important factors in predicting patient outcomes, but current non-invasive devices for this type of measurement are limited to contact-based single-site monitoring. We present the co-integration of a multispectral optical-electronic subsystem into an existing non-contact coded hemodynamic imaging (CHI) device to enable image acquisition under different illuminants for spatial tissue oxygenation. Stability of the optical output for three illuminants over 10 mins was validated by the imaging system, with σmax=0.407 intensity units, reflecting stability in local fluctuations, and a maximal overall change of 3.1 units. Bulk tissue oxygenation measurement of the thenar eminence during a cuff occlusion experiment revealed relative changes in absorbance due to oxy- and deoxyhemoglobin consistent with concurrent physiological changes in chromophore concentration as described in a previous study.