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Compassionate AI in Clinical Care: Feasibility Assessment of a Rules-Based Algorithm to Support a Nurse-Led Model of Care for Prostate Cancer Survivorship


To support patients in managing the chronic symptoms associated with prostate cancer (PCa) survivorship, the expert system Ned algorithm is intended to support the introduction of a nurse-led model of care. It builds upon the existing Ned application that facilitates virtual follow-up visits between patients and their care team. This study aims to assess the initial feasibility of the Ned algorithm to support a high patient to nurse ratio in a clinical setting for streamlined supportive care. The presented simulations were conducted on a retrospective dataset to characterize the algorithm’s outputs. Results demonstrate feasibility to support self-management of symptoms in over 80% of cases. This provides evidence that the algorithm may effectively support nurses in triaging PCa survivors between routine follow-up visits, while encouraging patients to successfully self-manage their symptoms.