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A Compact Field-portable Computational Multispectral Microscope using Integrated Raspberry Pi


In this paper, we present a compact field-portable computational
multispectral microscopy system powered by an integrated Raspberry
Pi computer. The optical components of the low-cost, compact
microscopy system consists of a cemented achromatic doublet
lens place on top of a Raspberry Pi camera module, used to
capture magnified broadband microscopy imaging acquisitions at
three broadband channels in the visible spectrum based on the
Bayer pattern color filter array. The captured broadband microscopy
acquisitions are then processed by a numerical spectral demultiplexer,
which demultiplexes the magnified broadband acquisitions
to generate a set of narrowband microscopy images. A Helianthus
stem was imaged using the proposed computational multispectral
microscopy system, and demonstrated to be able to produce narrowband
microscopy images at 16 different wavelengths with a single
acquisition without the need for wavelength scanning, which
makes it well-suited for fast microscopy imaging applications such
as the study of transient phenomenona.