Communities in Context: Taking Control of Their Tools in Common(s)


  • Aldo de Moor CommunitySense



Online Communities, Context, Collaboration, Socio-Technical Systems, Governance


In this exploratory paper, we outline some issues of inter-community socio-technical systems governance. Our purpose here is not to solve these issues, but to raise awareness about the complexity of socio-technical governance issues encountered in practice. We aim to expand on the rather abstract definition of community-based Internet governance as proposed in the Internet for the Common Good Declaration, exploring how it plays out in practice in actual collaborating communities.  We introduce a simple conceptual model to frame these issues and illustrate them with a concrete case: the drafting and signing of the declaration. We show some of the shortcomings of and socio-technical fixes for Internet collaboration support in this particular case. We end this paper with a discussion on directions for strengthening the collaboration commons.

Author Biography

Aldo de Moor, CommunitySense

Aldo de Moor is owner of CommunitySense, a community informatics research consultancy based in Tilburg, the Netherlands. E-mail: