Narrating Aboriginality On-Line: Digital Storytelling, Identity and Healing

  • Naomi Adelson York University
  • Michelle Olding McGill University
Keywords: Access, Community Information, Social Cohesion, Digital Storytelling, First Nations, Youth, Canada


Digital story-telling is a counter-narrative of healing for many indigenous youth in Canada today.  As much as e-health technologies are valuable and empowering an interventionist presumption limits the potential value of digital communication as a healing resource. With examples from three digital story-telling sites, we explore the internet as both a social space and therapeutic tool where indigenous youth  are constructing and negotiating Aboriginality through online story sharing. Those digital stories, like other narrative forms, are part of a larger complex of contemporary forms of healing.


Author Biography

Naomi Adelson, York University
Department of Anthropology, Associate Professor