Community Technology Project in Malaysia: Kedai.Kom

  • Zulkefli Ibrahim
  • Sulaiman Ainin
Keywords: Kedai.Kom, Community Technology, Telecentre


The main aim of this study is to examine the implementation of a community technology project in Malaysia – Kedai.Kom.  A survey using questionnaires was conducted among users of Kedai.Kom.  The findings suggest that the implementation of Kedai.Kom in the Malaysian community is good and beneficial.  Kedai.Kom is the main public place for the community to use computers and access the Internet.  It was reported that Kedai.Kom is used to improve users’ ICT skills and knowledge as well as extending and upholding their social networks, thereby influencing their ability to achieve digital inclusion.  It was also indicated that most Kedai.Kom users are satisfied with the facilities and services provided.