Moscow 2001

  • Ron Holloway


MOSCOW INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL 2001 Politics notwithstanding, the 23rd Moscow International Film Festival (21-30 June 2001) was by far the best, programme-wise, in post-perestroika times. The festival catalogue, with a replica of the St. George Statuette Award on the cover, stretched over 235 pages. Moving Pictures was brought in to publish four festival issues in English and Russian on films and events, a move that in turn inspired Russian critics to print a daily bulletin -- titled "Manezh" -- in esoteric Russian and enigmatic English on the competition entries. The city's best venues, including two brand new multiplexes, were booked for festival screenings, most of which started on time and with the very film that was listed in the What When Where Film Guide. Young computer wizards, many with multiple language abilities, replaced a fading phalanx of old-timers at the registration desks. Cafes and restaurants now encircle the Red...