Seeing Beyond: Movies, Visions, and Values

  • Gerald Pratley


THIS remarkable compilation is filled from cover to cover with 26 thoughtful and enlightening essays on a wide range of genres and master-directors, by 15 different authors, after which 14 more authors, mostly film professors, weigh in with their writings on theory, criticism and just about every other aspect of what the movies mean, joining the other writers in rethinking how we see movies, audiences, other critics, and ourselves in this fascinating world of art, morality and humanistic values. Most of the writers are Mr. Robinson's friends. He himself is much admired as a pioneer in film studies, and was a great influence on Richard Sugg who edited this tremendous out-pouring of exactly what do movies teach us exploring a very large number and range of classic and modern films, with a generous number of directors from Ford to Fellini....
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