John Logie Baird and Television (Part 3)

  • Gerald Pratley


MZTV: THE MUSEUM OF TELEVISION (Part 3 - Conclusion) In the large and lively offices and studios of CityTV, Much Music & Bravo! New style Arts Channel within the CHUM City building in downtown Toronto, three suites have been converted into a repository for television sets of all makes and models dating back to television's inception in the mid-1920s. This is the MZTV Museum of Television which has evolved from the personal collection of Moses Znaimer, the Canadian broadcaster and media innovator. The Museum is a non-profit entity without government funding and will eventually be open daily to the public. Presently, scholars, students, writers and others in the world of arts and entertainment may visit the museum by appointment. The purpose of the Museum is to save and preserve the 70-year technological history of the TV receiver by spanning the evolution of television from the mechanical scanning discs...