Istanbul 1996

  • Gerald Pratley


KNOWN AS 'THE MEETING POINT BETWEEN TWO CONTINENTS', the International Istanbul Film Festival, now in its 15th year, lives up to its official designation and becomes more pertinent with each passing festival. With limited state support, this determined, medium-sized event, under the direction of the glamorous Hülya Ucansu, has improved the cinema programs of Turkish moviegoers with films from around the world, the emphasis being placed on new works from both European and Asian filmmakers. There is little of Hollywood here (it's all in the cinemas week in week out); only a few of the best of the American independents. The concept of film as art is now more widely recognized by a public which once thought of movies only in terms of popular entertainment from Hollywood's distributing agents. The pattern of the domestic market in releasing and exhibiting films has changed visibly. Ms. Ucansu said that in...