Singapore 2004

  • Ron Holloway


SINGAPORE INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL 2004 For nearly two decades, the Singapore International Film Festival (SIFF), the showcase of Southeast Asian cinema, has also served as a timely beacon for other key Asian film festivals. Pusan in Korea, Filmex in Tokyo, and Cinefan in New Delhi have benefited from Singapore, simply because SIFF was on the scene first and did all the spadework. Link all four festivals together, and the committed cineaste can easily anticipate Asian entries selected later for Cannes, Venice, Berlin, Montreal, and elsewhere. Its secret? The SIFF is independently operated under a quartet of film professionals (Geoffrey Malone, Philip Cheah, Lesley Ho, and Teo Swee Leng), who concentrate on quality Asian cinema. The Silver Screen Awards, inaugurated in 1991, are judged by a professional jury of peers. The Asian Films section a focuses on current trends, styles, and themes in the respective national cinemas. And Singapore happens...