Cannes 2005 Report

  • Ron Holloway


A Word from the PresidentOn the closing night of the 58th edition of the Festival de Cannes (11-22 May 2005), when president Gilles Jacob was asked to comment on the highlights of what was generally touted in the press and media as the most memorable festival in history, he promptly laid his cards on the table. "This year's Cannes will be remembered for breaking a lot of records: attendance, participation, guests, accreditations, you name it. Not all the facts and figures are in as yet, but we are fully aware of the emergence of a new style of international film festival." Pushed a bit further, he concluded: "This is the opposite of what André Malraux once said. We have shown that the industry of cinema is also an art." Asked about further expansion plans, Jacob countered with a shrug: "The idea is not to expand any more," he said....