Leipzig 2008

  • Ron Holloway


51st LEIPZIG INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL FOR DOCUMENTARY AND ANIMATION FILMS Leipzig DOK PortfolioOne glance at the portfolio of the 51st Leipzig International Festival for Documentary and Animation Films (27 October to 2 November 2008) - aka DOK Leipzig - is mind-boggling! Even the most experienced festivalier would find it difficult to assimilate more than 320 films from 50 countries, all programmed within the short span of six days! The 2008 festival catalogue, running over 300 pages, offers not just synopses but also perceptive critiques of competing documentary entries in both German and English. Also, on the monetary side, purses totalling €56,500 were offered to the winners in four official Competitions: International Documentary, German Documentary, Animation, and the brand new Generation DOK (Young Talent Competition). Further, should a documentary enthusiast miss a key film due to overlaps in the programming schedule, he need only visit the Digital DOK Market in the...