Going to the Movies in Egypt

  • Mustafa Mahmoud Yousry


GOING TO THE MOVIES: AN INVESTIGATION OF THE FACTORS WHICH INFLUENCE THE EGYPTIAN AUDIENCES' CHOICES OF MOTION PICTURES Study rationaleAccording to Vale (1982), researchers could learn a great deal by studying and comparing audiences' choices of motion pictures. The audiences' choices show an interest that could betray their latent preferences, desires and perhaps their problems and difficulties. The uses and gratifications theory states that "people's media consumption patterns are intended actions on the part of the viewers" and that "individuals do make conscious choices about what they see and read in the media" (Salwen and Stacks, 2006). This basically means that audiences do not always choose to see a specific movie for the same reasons... The present study, therefore, is aiming to find out the most influential factors that get the Egyptian audience to go see a specific movie at film theatres. Consequently, this main objective, when realized,...