Exploring the Video Productions of Egyptian Applied Arts Students

  • Mustafa Mahmoud Yousry


EXPLORING THE VIDEO PRODUCTIONS OF EGYPTIAN APPLIED ARTS STUDENTS AbstractThis paper summarizes the key findings identified during a research project on the use of video for youth self-expression and communication. The project was conducted within the department of Photography, Cinema and Television, Faculty of Applied Arts, Helwan University (Egypt), where this researcher works as a lecturer of media production. Over one academic year, and during a level-3 media production course, the researcher was involved in teaching 16 young Egyptian students from different background, how to produce short videos. In groups, the students planned and produced several short videos on a range of themes. Afterwards, selections from the students' productions were presented to a sample of 23 adolescents representing the students in other academic levels from the same department. The viewers watched the produced videos and their responses to each production were observed and analyzed. The viewers' comments were...