The Influence of Adopting Widescreen Televisions on Egyptian Audience's Viewing Practice

  • Mustafa Mahmoud Yousry


WIDESCREEN TELEVISION IN THE EGYPTIAN LIVING ROOM: THE INFLUENCE OF ADOPTING WIDESCREEN TELEVISION SETS ON EGYPTIAN AUDIENCE'S VIEWING PRACTICE AbstractWidescreen television sets represent today a large share of the home television viewing market in Egypt with more viewers adopting them everyday and discarding their old traditional televisions. This study, therefore, investigates the rising adoption of widescreen televisions in Egypt and its influence on audience's viewing practice, attitude and enjoyment of viewing. The study covers such areas of knowledge as characteristics of widescreen televisions, media consumption, attention and social contexts within the frame of widescreen television viewing. To complement the data gathered through the literature review, the empirical phase of the study employed an interview data collection technique. Interviews with 16 Egyptian viewers who watch widescreen televisions at their homes were held. The findings of both the literature review and the interviews suggested that widescreen televisions could make...