Conversations with Two Canadian Film Artists

  • Gerald Pratley


MICHELINE LANCTÔT AND COLM FEORE TALK TO GERALD PRATLEY (1) MICHELINE LANCTÔT wrote and directed wrote and directed wrote and directed Deux Actrices (Two Can Play), with Pascale Bussières, Pascale Paroissien, Louise Latraverse, François Delisle, Suzanne Garceau; a drama of re-conciliation between two estranged sisters, the charm and intrigue of which soon becomes a nightmare, with the actual narrative being interspersed with real-life scenes of the two actresses at work.(1) Pratley: Ms. Lanctôt, what inspired you to film this subject in a somewhat unusual way? Lanctôt: It came about from an idea I had a long time ago. I teach "Directing Actors" at Concordia University in Montréal -- I always had trouble explaining what "character" is on a screen to my students, and how actors approach a character. And I had long been tempted by the notion of doing something involving an actor and his character to...