The Short: Limited Prospects

  • Patricia Thompson


Johnston ... Johnston. Producer, Writer, Director: John Hopkins. Cast: Henry Czerny, Lenore Zann. Canada 1994, 23 min. The wind soughs behind the opening credits, the camera slowly angles and drifts over the glittering downtown skyscrapers, music invades the senses. Johnston (Henry Czerny) stands unmoving at a high window gazing outward. A woman's voice calls the film's title, Johnston . . . Johnston. Queen Bee (Lenore Zann) stands in the doorway chiding Johnston on his attitude: "You're not setting a good example here" and pointing out that he needs "focus." Surrounded by toadies and yes-men and women, she reinforces her philosophy by demonstrating an analogy between work and golf, and purrs away on her electric golf cart. Johnston goes back to brooding in his office. Behind him stretches the general office filled with long lines of brokers glued to telephones and computers. Johnston has to escape -- he...
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