Canadian Shorts at Toronto 1997

  • Patricia Thompson


THIRTY-ONE CANADIAN SHORT FILMS WERE SCREENED AT THE 1997 TORONTO INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL Here's a taste of the variety found in one screening during the Perspective Canada programme. Across Colour and B&W, 4 min. Incantation B&W, 5 min. Director: Cara Morton Two from the same director -- who is fond of quick-snap cutting. Across gives glimpses of a young woman swimming -- where? Apparently through memories of her life so far, to a place of survival, and all overlaid with a peaceful watery sounding track. Incantation uses the camera to record a protest march, the fast images softened by quiet interludes of a boy climbing a tree, a small girl whirling and dancing and people, talking and observing. Slight, ethereal, but too soft and wispy. Museum Director: Chris Walsh B&W, 8 min. The narrator is a documentary filmmaker who tells of her...
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