A--Z Guide to Film Production Terms

  • Patricia Thompson


VALUABLE AND WITTY GLOSSARY A 4" x 5" (10 x 12.5 cm) handy, pocket-size soft booklet that lists just about every phrase, slang expression, title and job used on and around a film set. Many are familiar, but some are weird and wonderful, and peculiar to the insular world of the movies. For example, the "Abby Singer Shot" is named afer a real person, as are "Groucho" (a crouching walk) and "Jack Lord" -- a 50mm lens ("5-0" -- get it...?). Western movies can be Dusters, Horse Operas, Oaters; "Fernie" and "Futz" appear suspicious but are, respectively, an all-purpose protective furniture pad, and altering a dialogue track to make it sound like a voice coming over the telephone or radio. There's a whole range of oddities that catch the eye -- gak, pork chop, pretties, rumble pot -- and how about "Spaghetti with pizza on the side"? And the...
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