Pordenone 1995

  • Gerald Pratley


LE GIORNATE DEL CINEMA MUTO: 14th PORDENONE SILENT FILM FESTIVAL Treasures from the Past and Words from the Present: A Festival Speaks for ItselfMuch of the excitement engendered by film festivals comes from the first showings of the newest films from around the world. Feelings of anticipation and the promise of discovery keep festivaliers on the edge and on the move from cinema to cinema. But disappointment is all too frequently the order of the day as too many of the latest productions fail to live up to our expectations. Pordenone, a small historic city north of Venice, is the one and only festival at which those in attendance know what to expect. For them, it is a journey into rediscovering the greatness of the past where anticipations are fully realised. Pordenone as a general rule never shows anything made after 1930. It is a festival of Silent...