Canadian Cinema

  • Gerald Pratley


CANADIAN CINEMA: A SUMMING UP OF THE YEAR IN REVIEW SEPTEMBER is the month when new Canadian films appear and we discover what's been going on in the underworld of feature film production. They arrive at the Montréal, Halifax, Toronto and Vancouver festivals and the nomination screenings for the Genie Awards. Except for the Montréal festival's catalogue, which is content to simply summarise the stories of the films being shown, the rest would have us believe that all their entries, Canadian, in particular, are of the most profound importance, skilful, aware and socially, politically and sexually significant! Expectations aroused by these endorsements are seldom fulfilled, and where our films are concerned much is made of "first features" with one overly-excited programmer telling us "that there are more first-time directors than ever before" forgetting that every year we have first directors by the score who, fortunately in most cases, are...