Ottawa 1996

  • Gerald Pratley


IN OTTAWA, ONE WEEK LATER, came the Summer Institute of Screen Writing, now in its sixteenth year, and where, on its opening night we heard that its enthusiastic and determined founder, Tom Shoebridge, has decided to move upstairs to the position of Chairman bringing in Tim O'Brien to be the programmer. This event is not so much a festival as a work place forum where the paying participants are introduced to the "intensive, focused, career-boosting" workshops and where, in just five days "you will realize your highest potential" in screen writing and direction. As introductions to crafts and careers however, with descriptions of methods to follow and moves to make, they are revealing and valuable. Few leave without feeling that they have trodden at last the paths to discovery. Among those leading the way were Sandy Wilson, Gerald Wexler, Anna Sandor, Nancy Trites Bodkin, Bill Gough, Tantoo Cardinal, Murray...