The Public Broadcaster in Love with Commercials

  • Gerald Pratley


Seldom does a day pass by without Canadian Broadcasting Corporation TV being mentioned, for one reason or the other, in the media or in political circles, either with unfavourable comments or occasionally, compliments. Great storms of fury arise over its administration, its policies and appointments, its programming and financial distress. It is harangued, it is laughed at, it is loyally defended by Ian Morrison and his Friends of Canadian Broadcasting. The government is blamed for decisions it has taken, and for measures it hasn't carried out, to benefit the CBC. But in these ceaseless debates, nothing is ever said, within the CBC or outside seemingly, among its viewers, about the greatest blight ever to settle over the CBC and this is the curse of commercials. Does this mean that to the CBC's entire staff and to its faithful "the CBC no matter what" supporters, this contentious subject is no longer...