Frankenheimer on Location in Canada

  • Gerald Pratley


THE DISTINGUISHED American filmmaker, John Frankenheimer, has returned to Canada and is making his fourth motion picture there called Reindeer Games presently filming in Vancouver, British Columbia, for Miramax. The main players are Gary Sinese, Charlize Theron, Ben Affleck and Clarence Williams III. Frankenheimer is working from a script by Ehren Kruger, the writer's second screenplay following Arlington Way, released this summer. Frankenheimer first came to British Columbia twenty years ago to film Prophecy, a horror story rooted in the pollution of the environment by the logging industries. He returned ten years later to Calgary, Drumheller and High River, to film Dead Bang, a brilliant piece of work based on the true story of a vicious white supremacy movement. He was back a year later, to Bragg Creek, Canmore and Calgary, to make The Fourth War, set on the snowbound Czech-West German frontier during the Cold War and relating...