Budapest 1998

  • Ron Holloway


29th HUNGARIAN FILM WEEK IN BUDAPEST Hungarian cinema, once the shining star in the socialist film firmament, is facing a production crisis. Only nine films programmed at the 29th Hungarian Film Week in Budapest (6-10 February 1998) were shot in 35mm, in contrast to the usual twenty of a decade ago. One sympathizes especially with the talented filmmakers of the past whose productions were eagerly viewed at all the international film festivals. Today, with only $2.5 million available for projects at the Motion Picture Foundation of Hungary, co-production partners are the rule rather than the exception. Nevertheless, as proven by sold-out performances for circa 100 festival entries-- features, shorts, documentaries, animation and experimental films, half of which produced on Beta SP video -- at the Corvin Multiplex in the commercial center of the city, a thirst for national film fare is clearly evident. Furthermore, the national share of the...