Cottbus 2000

  • Ron Holloway


10th COTTBUS FESTIVAL OF EAST EUROPEAN CINEMA For its first nine years, Cottbus was a film festival with an eye on young (or new) directors based in what used to be the socialist bloc of East Europe. For its 10th anniversary (1-5 November 2000), however, festival director Roland Rust modified its image slightly to embrace all films of quality found in those restructured film lands. Now Cottbus ranks as a splendid showcase of films in all categories of production found in scattered studios from Berlin eastward to Siberia, one that informs (in a 200-page German-English catalogue) as well as programs. Moreover, film professionals familiar with the field are welcome to participate in one of the nine juries, three of which offer purses from the City of Cottbus, Land Brandenburg, and individual sponsors. Besides the three main official competitions -- features, shorts, children and youth films -- the 10th Cottbus...