Pusan 2001

  • Ron Holloway


5th PUSAN INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL AND 3rd PUSAN PROMOTION PLAN Look no further -- there just isn't another festival on the circuit that specializes in Asian cinema better and with more insight than the Pusan International Film Festival -- together with its twin, the Pusan Promotion Plan (covered in a separate report). Indeed, this showcase of Asia cinema is generally recognized by visiting critics as the one to visit if you're a bonafide cineaste interested in production from all corners of the Near and Far East. The 5th PIFF (6-14 October 2000) will go down in history as a chronicle of events as well as a festival of films. No sooner had it got underway than word was out that visits between long separated families in North and South Korean were now possible. In addition, local media commentators were discussing a Nobel Peace Prize for South Korean President Kim...