Information For Readers

As a feminist journal, (Un)Disturbed aims to bring together work on the digital, material, and cultural collections of feminist protest culture, gesturing towards the rhetorical imaginings we need, the landscapes we desire to inhabit, and the forms of being (and being able to be) that are yet to come through a politic of refusal. In doing so, this journal aims to contribute important work that intervenes into the dominant forms of cultural logics to rearrange social and subjective relations and power dynamics. Through its published work, this journal ultimately aims to demonstrate how feminist activism both re-arranges and re-imagines these power dynamics to encourage more equitable spaces and relations,  which are found in the everyday circulation of media, utilizing tools available to further these imaginings . This journal offers one means of articulating identities and positions, as well as building community, coalitions, and forms of solidarity.

Run by members of the Feminist Think Tank research collective, this journal seeks both an academic and more general public audience. The journal publishes twice yearly in a bundled Spring/Fall issue format. At least one issue per year will be tied to a thematic topic and run as a special interest issue.