(Un)Disturbed: A Journal of Feminist Voices is a middle-state publication that offers a way for emerging scholars to contribute, engage, and shape the dialogue around gender and gender identity, power, oppression, intersectionality, and activism in all aspects of contemporary culture. The journal mandate is to extend beyond the sometimes slower pace of dialogue in an academic setting, and to more immediately address the ever-evolving issues and complexity of feminist research that are at times underrepresented. (Un)Disturbed fosters a space of knowledge sharing where readers can feel represented, learn more about feminist issues, and have access to scholarly, activist, and creative outputs.  

Situated as a middle-state publication, (Un)Disturbed offers a “first step” in the publication process for emerging scholars, including undergraduate and graduate students that aims to both de-mystify the publication process and provide space for emerging scholars to share their feminist-oriented work. While the journal is a scholarly publication, it aims to embrace community-based and personal reflection to strengthen the feminist mantra of “the personal is political,” emphasizing that feminist struggles are shaped by larger political, economic, and social structures. Recognizing the political implications of personal experiences encourages both writers and readers  to critically reflect on their own lives and the systems that shape them, offering a generational range of voices that more traditionally “academic” journals often do not.

Vol. 1 No. 1 (2024): Volume 1

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