Non-invasive Glucose Monitoring at mm-Wave Frequencies

  • Ala Eldin Omer
  • George Shaker
  • Safieddin Safavi-Naeini


In this paper, we review our recent experimental studies to
develop a non-invasive blood glucose monitoring system at mm-
wave frequencies. A robust 60 GHz radar system is used to
differentiate between hemoglobin samples of disparate glucose
concentrations through detecting minute changes in their
dielectric properties. A new-developed dielectric assessment
system (DAK) is used to characterise the electromagnetic
properties of the tested samples and identify the amount of
change in these parameters at different concentrations of interest.

How to Cite
Omer, A., Shaker, G., & Safavi-Naeini, S. (2018). Non-invasive Glucose Monitoring at mm-Wave Frequencies. Journal of Computational Vision and Imaging Systems, 4(1), 3.