Enhancing Citizen Engagement with Open Government Data


  • Michael Parmisano Canares Step Up Consulting
  • Dave Marcial Step Up Consulting
  • Marijoe Narca Step Up Consulting




capacity building, open data


The research deals primarily with the research question – How can engagement of civil society organizations with open government data be enhanced? To answer the question, an action research was conducted in two provinces in the Philippines. The research showed that for capacity building programs to be effective, they should be relevant to the condition of the CSOs and the individual needs of learners; conducted with a long-term view of ensuring use and actual impact to the organization and the constituencies that they serve; and focused on higher-order results like changes in practices and behavior of organizations and individuals.

Author Biographies

Michael Parmisano Canares, Step Up Consulting

Michael Canares has been for 10 years the managing consultant of Step Up Consulting. This year, he steps down and acts as strategy advisor of the organization.

Dave Marcial, Step Up Consulting

Step Up Consulting, Research Associate

Marijoe Narca, Step Up Consulting

Step Up Consulting, Research Associate


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Articles, Special Issue on Open Data for Social Change and Sustainable Development