Kiev 2004

  • Ron Holloway


KIEV INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL – "MOLODIST" 2004 The oldest independent film festival in Eastern Europe, the "Molodist" (Youth) festival in Kyiv (Kiev) was founded back in 1970 by Andriy (Andrei) Khalpakhtchi, an enterprising cineaste and film historian who felt that amateur filmmakers deserved as much a chance to show their homemade productions in Budynok Kino (House of Cinema) as the film professionals at the Alexander Dovzhenko Studios. Over the years the "Molodist" festival has grown by leaps and bounds, thanks in great part to the generous support offered by foreign consulates and cultural centres based in the city. One glance at the 200-page catalogue for the 34th Kiev International Film Festival (23-31 October 2004) confirms that this rule-of-thumb still applies today: among the festival's 25 listed partners are traditional "film friends" from France, Germany, Netherlands, Scandinavia, Switzerland, Austria, Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, and, of course, Russia. Indeed, more than half...