Producer with a Mission

  • Gerald Pratley


ROCK DEMERS: PRODUCER WITH A MISSION Ten years ago a nondescript two-story office building on rue Roy in the lovely St. Denis and St. Laurent district of Montréal became the office and operating headquarters of a new company called Productions la Fête initiated by Rock Demers, a well respected and admired man about film in Québec. Dedicated to making sensible family films on a regular basis appealing to children and parents alike not many observers in or out of the business gave the project much chance of success. Demers' admirers praised him for his courage, his detractors were smugly certain he would fail. The best that could be expected would be a hopeful first, followed by a few more and a fade out, and then a "for rent" sign in the window. But today, in the tenth anniversary year, the second floor is filled with constant activity; the original...