GeoAI- The future was here!


  • Martin Chandler Cape Breton University



Artificial Intelligence,, AI, Deep Learning, Machine Learning, GeoAI, GIS


Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the geospatial data sphere has been around for some time - albeit under different monikers, including "deep learning" and "machine learning". Both commercial and open-source software have options for the current brand of AI, and these are discussed. Some machine learning training models are also openly available for use. Whether any of this will be relevant tomorrow is given cursory consideration.

Author Biography

Martin Chandler, Cape Breton University

Martin Chandler is the Liaison and Data Services Librarian at Cape Breton University, Sydney, Nova Scotia.

GIS Trends, Martin Chandler




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Chandler, M. (2023). GeoAI- The future was here!. Bulletin - Association of Canadian Map Libraries and Archives (ACMLA), (172), 27–29.

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