To Get or Not to Get Vaccinated: Vaccination Against COVID-19 as the Better Option


  • Precious Nwaka University of Waterloo



COVID-19, Risks, Benefits, Vaccine hesitancy, Health outcomes


During the current COVID-19 pandemic, researchers have developed COVID-19 vaccines, conducted successful clinical trials, and administered the vaccines to the public. However, as many opinions circulate throughout communities on whether getting vaccinated is safe, individuals must decide if getting vaccinated is truly better and safer than not getting vaccinated. The author provides statistics and current data on vaccination to prove that getting vaccinated is the best option amongst the two.

In this article, the author lists common arguments against vaccination, acknowledges the validity and misinformation contained in these statements, and provides counterarguments for why vaccination remains the safest option to fight against COVID-19.Overall, the purpose of this article is to challenge common ideas fostering vaccine hesitancy by providing an opposing point of view supported with credible information.