Meet The Team!


Editorial Team

The Editorial Board is a team of motivated and conscientious students working together to review article submissions before publication. The editors at our Journal come from a wide range of fields related to human health and well-being, including public health, kinesiology, biostatistics, and biomedical engineering.  

Senior Editors 

The Senior Editors are responsible for reviewing submitted manuscripts and making initial decisions regarding the acceptance or rejection of a submission. Articles deemed acceptable by the Senior Editors are assigned 2-3 Editors for a more thorough review. 

Senior Editors for 2023-2024: Ainsley Durnin & Jaspreet Gill


The Editors review submitted manuscripts with a fine-tooth comb following standardized editorial guidelines. The Editors’ suggestions are taken into heavy consideration when determining the status (acceptance or rejection) of an article. All editors have undergone mandatory Elsevier peer-review training. 

Editors for 2023-2024: Kelsey Mar, Kaitlin Muzio, Ronaldo Riley, Shreya Chatterjee, Irene Ma, Kazi Rahman, Arella Chan, Karina Popovici, Nyle Faran


Not photographed: Ellen Mulage

Copy Editors

The Copy Editors review the grammar and formatting of submitted manuscripts according to standardized editorial guidelines. They are responsible for ensuring that all references and citations are done correctly, that submissions are free from any grammatical or typographical errors, and that submissions are formatted appropriately in terms of the different elements that are expected for each type of submission. All Copy Editors have also undergone mandatory Elsevier peer-review training. 

Copy Editors for 2023-2024: Aeron Humaid, Ibrahim Islam, Nuha Khan


Not Photographed: Latanya, Rishikanth Ruthiran Loganathan

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